Circular cross section machine parts which are symmetrical about the axis of rotation are made by hot

A. Piercing

B. Spinning

C. Drawing

D. Extrusion

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  1. Two wires of the same radius & material having length in the ratio of 1 : 2 are stretched by the same…
  2. A thin, flat & square plate measuring 2 m × 2 m is freely hanging in ambient air at 25°C.…
  3. Screws are specified by their __________ diameters.
  4. Principal alloying elements of cast tool alloys which have very high wear resistance & high temperature…
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  6. The starting of a car takes time in winter, because the
  7. The units of the rate constant for a second order reaction are
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  10. The only suitable method for hardening the low carbon steel is case hardening. Which of the following…
  11. Carbon is present in the form of __________ in grey cast iron.
  12. Calorific value of __________ are almost same.
  13. Fire refining process is employed in case of
  14. __________ test is the appropriate test to determine whether a material is ductile or brittle.
  15. Which one of the following is incombustible?
  16. As the fluid flow rate increases, the float of the Rotameter
  17. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.
  18. Non-ferrous alloys used for making cutting tools need not have high
  19. Viscoelastic behaviour is observed in __________ materials.
  20. 'Flare tower' used in industry is meant for
  21. Lap joints are preferred over butt joints in soldering/brazing, because these joints are
  22. The softness or hardness of a grinding wheel depends upon the type & amount of bonding material used.…
  23. Hydrogen can be
  24. Pick out the correct combination about the role of various additives used in polymers.
  25. Electrochemical corrosion can occur, only if __________ is present in contact with metal.
  26. For a spontaneous natural process at constant temperature and pressure, the free energy of the system…
  27. Blow off cock is provided in steam boiler to
  28. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is proportional to (where, k = Thermal conductivity)
  29. The substance used as a smoke screen in warfare is
  30. Pick out the wrong statement.