Economics is a:

A. Physical science

B. Social science

C. Natural science

D. Basic science

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  1. In Nash Equilibrium:
  2. In cournot model, each firm expects a reaction from his rival but the expected reaction is not:
  3. According to Leontief technology, there:
  4. Consumers are likely to get a variety of similar goods under:
  5. The game theory takes into consideration:
  6. If Marginal Utility (MU) is zero, then total utility is:
  7. For a commodity giving large consumers surplus, the demand will be:
  8. If a person behaves against the laws of economics then:
  9. Total variable costs in equation form are:
  10. If the price of Pepsi Cola goes down, you would predict:
  11. The difference between average total cost and average fixed cost shows:
  12. When total product increases at a decreasing rate:
  13. Identify the economist who first developed the theory of income determination in its modern form:
  14. Whish of the following represents the average revenue curve of a firm?
  15. Under competitive conditions, the industry will be in equilibrium:
  16. In monopoly, when average revenue curve falls:
  17. In a perfectly competitive market, suppliers must know:
  18. Average cost means:
  19. When in a market, the number of buyers is very large and the number of sellers is very small, it is…
  20. The equilibrium of a firm is determined by the equality of MC and MR in only:
  21. On the total utility curve the economically relevant range is the portion over which:
  22. An economic model describing the working of an economy consists of:
  23. In case of monopoly, the slope of MR is:
  24. An income demand curve of an inferior good is:
  25. Money spent by a firm on the purchase of capital equipment is:
  26. In the case of an inferior good, the income effect:
  27. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two complements will be:
  28. The main contribution of David Ricardo is in the field of:
  29. The slope of isocost line (budget line) shows:
  30. Supply of commodity is a: