Laser is a device to produce

A. Gamma rays

B. Microwaves

C. A beam of white light

D. A beam of coherent light

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  1. A jig is used while __________ a hole.
  2. A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at that location in m/sec2 is
  3. Particle nature of cathode rays is proved due to the fact that they
  4. A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the __________ load.
  5. Annealing of cast iron
  6. __________ remains constant during the adiabatic cooling of moist air.
  7. Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Com-pany is
  8. The most commonly used moderator in nuclear power plants is
  9. Presence of nickel & chromium in steel does not raise its
  10. In condensers used in thermal power plants, steam is normally used in shell side and cooling water on…
  11. Pick out the wrong statement.
  12. Nickel is a __________ material.
  13. __________ of air does not increase with increase in temperature.
  14. A jet engine turbine blade is normally manufactured by
  15. The main charge in blast furnace is usually
  16. In chemical dehumidification process
  17. Nusselt number is related to the Reynolds number (Re) in turbulent & laminar flow respectively as
  18. Which of the following emissions in the exhaust gas of an I.C. engine causes the formation of photochemical…
  19. Carbon supply in pack carburising process is in the form of
  20. __________ test is the appropriate test to determine whether a material is ductile or brittle.
  21. In chemical dehumidification of air
  22. Batch process is preferred over continuous process, when the
  23. There are one octahedral void and __________ tetrahedral void in the closest packing of atoms.
  24. Two wires of the same radius & material having length in the ratio of 1 : 2 are stretched by the same…
  25. The phenomenon occurring during explosion of a hydrogen bomb is
  26. __________ is not used as a material of construction in thermocouples.
  27. __________ iron is produced by the annealing of white cast iron.
  28. The main reducing agent in iron blast furnace is
  29. The Al2O3 content of cryolite in Hall- Heroult cell is maintained between __________ percent.
  30. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.