The main constituent of bones is

A. CaF2

B. Ca3(PO4)2

C. CaCO3

D. CaCl2

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  1. Electrochemical corrosion can occur, only if __________ is present in contact with metal.
  2. Transformation range for ferrous material is the temperature interval during which __________ is formed…
  3. Addition of small amount of __________ to grey cast iron is done to produce nodular grey cast iron.
  4. The softness or hardness of a grinding wheel depends upon the type & amount of bonding material used.…
  5. Fibrous fracture is normally encountered in the __________ materials.
  6. Probability of cavitation occuring becomes very high, when the local __________ resulting in water bubbles…
  7. Highest cutting speed is achieved by the __________ tool material.
  8. Lead is poured into the joint between two __________ pipes.
  9. A particle is settling in a liquid under Stokesian conditions. The free falling velocity of the particle…
  10. Alloys having more than 80% copper are generally more
  11. The amount of water evaporated in kg per kg of fuel burnt in a boiler is called the __________ of a…
  12. Ceramic compounds as compared to metallic compounds
  13. The heat of neutralisation remains constant, when there is a reaction between dilute solutions of strong
  14. Material of construction of the electrode used in the electric resistance welding is
  15. Unit of viscosity in CGS system is
  16. Lead is poured into the joint between two- __________ pipes.
  17. The capacity of a spring to store energy is called the spring form co-efficient. Stiffness of a spring…
  18. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
  19. Mho's scale of hardness, which consists of 10 standard minerals is used for the measurement of __________…
  20. Other parameters remaining same, the recrystallisation temperature of an alloy is lowered, when
  21. Viscoelastic behaviour is observed in __________ materials.
  22. Which of the following is an undesirable property of slag produced during the Pyrometallurgical method…
  23. Increasing the carbon content of steel
  24. at 1173E; at equilibrium, what will be the number of moles of CO gas required to reduce one mole of…
  25. __________ wire is never used for making the heating element.
  26. The cooling rate required to freeze 1 ton of water at 0°C into ice at 0°C in 24 hours is __________…
  27. Ammonia gas can be dried by
  28. Thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is around __________ percent.
  29. Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales have the same readings at
  30. Specific gravity of a metal, which weighs 5 kg in air and 4 kg when submerged in water, will be