__________ is not a heat treatment process.

A. Cyaniding

B. Parkerizing

C. Austempering

D. Martempering

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  1. Wood is a/an __________ material.
  2. Which of the following has the highest modulus of elasticity (about 7 × 106 kg/cm2)?
  3. Thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is around __________ percent.
  4. The stress at which extension of the material takes place more rapidly as compared to the increase in…
  5. __________ of hard alloy and tool steel is done to make it easily machinable.
  6. Transformation range for ferrous material is the temperature interval during which __________ is formed…
  7. __________ has the highest melting point out of the following.
  8. A material is capable of resisting softening at high temperature, because of its property termed as
  9. The bolt is subjected to __________ when the nut is tightened by putting the washer beneath it.
  10. Nickel is a __________ material.
  11. __________ is the process used for setting up compressive stresses in the surface of a metal to improve…
  12. The dew point of moist air becomes __________ with decrease in its relative humidity.
  13. When the wet steam is throttled but still remains wet at the exit of the throttle valve, then its temperature…
  14. Two solutions A1 & A2 have pH value of 2 & 6 respectively. It implies that the solution
  15. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  16. Heat transfer to the water wall in a high pressure water wall type boiler furnace is mainly by
  17. Theoretical volume of oxygen required for complete combustion of 1Nm3 of acetylene, in oxyacetylene…
  18. Blasting of tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) is done by mixing it with ammonium
  19. Addition of silicon to cast iron
  20. Density in the solid state is slightly less than that in its liquid state, in case of
  21. Uniform ramming of sand in green sand moulding process leads to
  22. In fluid flow, and heat and mass transfer, one encounters (i) kinematic velocity (μ), (ii) molecular…
  23. Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about
  24. In the X-ray radiography technique, the tube voltage for thicker plates as compared to thin plates,…
  25. Which of the following does not discharge the dust collected as a dry solid?
  26. Annealing of white cast iron produces __________ iron.
  27. Pick out the wrong statement.
  28. The product out from a cupola is called
  29. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
  30. The lightest non-inflammable gas is