__________ is the most important element, which controls the physical properties of steel.

A. Manganese

B. Silicon

C. Carbon

D. Vanadium

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  1. Fatigue resistance of a material is measured by the
  2. Which of the following has the highest modulus of elasticity (about 7 × 106 kg/cm2)?
  3. 'Cryogenics' is concerned with the generation & use of low temperature in the range of
  4. Presence of nickel & chromium in steel does not raise its
  5. The efficiency of a Carnot heat engine operating between absolute temperatures T1 and T2 (when, T1 >…
  6. A furnace is made of a refractory brick wall of thickness 0.5 metre and thermal conductivity 0.7 W/m.°K…
  7. Pick out the wrong statement about nucleate boiling.
  8. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
  9. Air-petrol ratio for maximum power generation in spark ignition engine is about
  10. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is proportional to (where, k = Thermal conductivity)
  11. On decreasing the grain size of a polycrystalline material, the property most likely to deteriorate…
  12. Which of the following is not a charge material for cupola?
  13. Damage to metal surface by mechanical action is called
  14. Cast iron contains __________ percent carbon.
  15. Pick out the correct combination about the role of various additives used in polymers.
  16. Function of gear box is to
  17. Consideration of the creep is the most important in case of the
  18. The most suitable material for die casting is
  19. Co-efficient of performance of a Carnot cycle refrigerator operating between - 23°C and + 27°C…
  20. The amount of different substances produced, when the same quantity of electricity is passed through…
  21. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  22. __________ property of steel increases by addition of large amount of silicon in it.
  23. Plants produce carbohydrates from the CO2 present in the atmosphere by
  24. Drills are usually made of
  25. The mechanism which changes the value of manipulated variable in response to the output signal from…
  26. The elastic strain energy of a unit length of an edge dislocation as compared to that of a screw dislocation…
  27. Glass reacts with
  28. Yield strength of a material is determined by the __________ test.
  29. Use of flux during soldering is done to
  30. Thermistors are used in __________ devices.