Fibrous fracture is normally encountered in the __________ materials.

A. Hard

B. Elastic

C. Ductile

D. Brittle

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  1. __________ remains constant during the adiabatic cooling of moist air.
  2. Triple point of water is
  3. Tumbling is the process of improving the __________ of the materials/parts.
  4. Otto cycle used in spark ignition petrol engines is also known as the constant __________ cycle.
  5. Ultimate strength in tension as compared to that in shear for steel is
  6. The emf of a Deniell cell Zn | Zn2+ || Cu2+ | Cu can be increased by
  7. Ceramic compounds as compared to metallic compounds
  8. The majority charge carriers in p-type silicon are
  9. Silicon percentage in acid resistant cast iron is about
  10. Alumina, silica, lime and iron oxide are the basic raw material for the manufacture of Portland cement.…
  11. Pipelines carrying various utilities in chemical industries are identified by their colour codes. The…
  12. Drills are usually made of
  13. Which of the following if present in iron ore, enhances its value?
  14. Speed of a submarine in deep sea & that of an aeroplane is measured by a/an
  15. A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about __________ kg/cm2.
  16. A common disinfectant used in village wells for disinfection of water is
  17. Brazing filler metal used for joining steel plates
  18. Density in the solid state is slightly less than that in its liquid state, in case of
  19. Propulsion of rocket follows from the
  20. With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity of semiconductors
  21. Friction factor for fluid flow in pipe does not depend upon the
  22. Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an
  23. Exposure to __________ accelerates the degradation of plastics.
  24. __________ rubber is generally used for making 'O' rings used for vacuum sealings.
  25. During decarburising of a plain carbon steel, the thickness of ferrite layer growth is proportional…
  26. The burnout heat flux in the nucleate boiling regime is not a function of the
  27. Force between the molecules of the same substance is called __________ force.
  28. In troposphere (the weather domain), the temperature 't' at height 'h' above the sea level in metres…
  29. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  30. Vernier calipers cannot be used to measure the