Oxyacetylene reducing flame is used while carrying out welding on

A. Alloy steel

B. Grey cast iron

C. Mild steel

D. High carbon steel

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  1. The majority charge carriers in p-type silicon are
  2. The units of the rate constant for a second order reaction are
  3. The atmospheric temperature during melting of ice/snow (in the atmosphere)
  4. Consider an ideal solution of components A and B. The entropy of mixing per mole of an alloy containing…
  5. Function of gear box is to
  6. The maximum thickness of the metal which can be welded using ultrasonic welding is __________ mm.
  7. In practice, the compression ratio of compression-ignition (CI) engine ranges from
  8. Catalyst used in the catalytic converter employed in automobiles to convert CO into CO2 and for complete…
  9. Austempering of steel requires it to be heated to 875°C followed by sudden cooling to 250-525°C,…
  10. Which of the following phenomenon will exhibit the minimum heat transfer?
  11. Corrosion is
  12. Angular displacement can be measured suitably by a
  13. Square steel key is normally strong in failure by shear & crushing. Keys are normally made of __________…
  14. Notched bar test is used for testing the __________ of a material.
  15. Basicity of the slag in Indian blast furnace is in the range of
  16. An example of unsteady non uniform flow is the flow of liquid under pressure through a
  17. Consumable electrodes are used in the __________ welding.
  18. The kinematic viscosity (in stoke) and the absolute/dynamic viscosity (in poise) are the same for __________…
  19. With increase in annealing temperature, the following defect density decreases.
  20. Optical activity is a/an __________ property.
  21. Cold heading or upsetting is categorised as the __________ process.
  22. __________ is the hardest material out of the following.
  23. Steel produced from phosphatic iron is __________ in nature.
  24. The mechanism which changes the value of manipulated variable in response to the output signal from…
  25. In TIG welding, thoriated tungsten electrodes are used, because it
  26. Brittleness induced due to the presence of sulphur in steel can be reduced by adding
  27. Out of the following, which will fracture most readity, when hit with a hard hammer?
  28. Suitability of steel for its use in cable is judged by its strength in
  29. In extrusion of metals, which of the following statement is true?
  30. Projection welding & stud welding is categorised as the __________ welding.