Which of the following metals cannot be hot worked at room temperature?

A. Zinc

B. Nickel

C. Lead

D. Tin

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  1. Thermodynamic cycle involved in the working of a thermal power plant is the __________ cycle.
  2. What is the critical radius of insulation (cms) for a metallic cylinder, if the convective heat transfer…
  3. While the bin cards are used in the effective stores management, the queuing theory is associated with…
  4. With increase in impurities in metals, their corrosion resistances
  5. Between 230 and 370°C, blue brittleness is caused in mild steel because of the
  6. Which of the following terminology is used for the temperature at which new grains are formed in a metal?
  7. Which of the following commonly used condenser tube materials has the lowest thermal conductivity?
  8. The 'transition temperature' for ductile to brittle behaviour of steel increases with increase in the…
  9. During decarburising of a plain carbon steel, the thickness of ferrite layer growth is proportional…
  10. Atomic __________ of an element is a whole number.
  11. Which of the following has the least value of ultimate tensile strength (UTS)?
  12. The function of neutral flux used in the pyrometallurgy of metal extraction is to increase the __________…
  13. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  14. Broaching tools are usually made of
  15. Pick out the wrong statement.
  16. __________ test is the appropriate test to determine whether a material is ductile or brittle.
  17. Filler material used in welding should have __________ as compared to the parent metal to be welded.
  18. Alloys having more than 80% copper are generally more
  19. Gage pressure within a spherical droplet of a fluid is 'p'. What will be gage pressure within a bubble…
  20. Pick out the correct statement
  21. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.
  22. Case hardening of a material is
  23. Speisses is a mixture of the following:
  24. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  25. Difference at any instant between the value of the controlled variable and the set point is called the
  26. In troposphere (the weather domain), the temperature 't' at height 'h' above the sea level in metres…
  27. __________ rubber is generally used for making 'O' rings used for vacuum sealings.
  28. Moist climate is the most favourable factor in the site selection far a
  29. Heat release during phase change is observed in case of a/an
  30. Primary designation of steel is based on its