The function of the MODE button is to __________.

A. Change the status of the ports

B. Affect what the SYSTEM and RPS LEDs represent

C. Affect what the port LEDs represent

D. Change the status of all the LEDs

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  1. A Class A address has _________ host bits.
  2. The function of the MODE button is to __________.
  3. You are at User EXEC mode and type the letter e. What message appears?
  4. You examine your interfaces, and the Ethernet 0 interface status says: Ethernet 0 is up, line protocol…
  5. A _________ is a network that provides a secure connection from a company to other business partners.
  6. You execute the line console 0 command from Configuration mode. What will the router's prompt be?
  7. If you enter a command in either User EXEC mode or Privilege EXEC mode that the IOS does not recognize,…
  8. __________ allows you to distribute connection requests destined to a single IP address to multiple…
  9. Which router command performs an overwrite process? (Choose all correct answers.)
  10. EIGRP uses the _________ algorithm to update its routing table.
  11. You are given a Class B network with a subnet mask of How many hostaddresses are there…
  12. OSPF supports a ________-layer hierarchical design.
  13. The slot number of a 1900's Fast Ethernet uplink ports is ________.
  14. Which type of routing protocol uses the Shortest Path First algorithm?
  15. You have this binary value: 11000001. This equates to _____ in decimal.
  16. A _________ routes between different autonomous systems.
  17. Which of the following reasons might you need to use address translation?
  18. You are in Interface Subconfiguration mode and want to completely return to Privilege EXEC mode. What…
  19. A _________ is used to connect networking devices that are in a very close geographic area, such as…
  20. Which is not one of the three main functions of a layer-2 device?
  21. Which interface type is used to connect to the serial interface of a router?
  22. The _________ reference point defines the connection between the NT2 and the NT1.
  23. Which 2950 command enables trunking?
  24. is a class __________ address.
  25. You have a total of five routers. ________ circuits are required to fully mesh the network, where every…
  26. A ___________ is basically all of the components, hardware and software, involvedin connecting computers…
  27. ________ topologies in NBMA environments do not have problems with split horizon.
  28. To recall a previous command, which of the following would you use?
  29. PPP can do all of the following except ___________.
  30. Which router command specifies the ISDN switch the router is connected to?