In some circumstances an entire drawing can be inserted into a different drawing as a block. When this is used the base point will default to ________.

A. 0, 0

B. 10, 10

C. 20, 20

D. 30, 30

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  1. The Free Orbit tool is found on the ________ toolbar.
  2. A round is a rounded surface on the ________ corner of a part.
  3. A drafter who develops technical drawings of a highway overpass would most likely be a ________ drafter.
  4. This is used to indicate that a surface is to be machined:
  5. Technical drawings typically serve one of three purposes:
  6. The Press-Pull tool will ________ the face of a solid model in the direction it faces.
  7. An advantage of this type of view is that each view shows the object all the way through as if it were…
  8. Which of the following is one of the basic types of welded joints:
  9. In oblique projection, important shapes should be in this position relative to the viewing plane:
  10. The Auto-CAD command used to combine two or more primitive shapes into a single complex 3-dimensional…
  11. In oblique sketches, the most commonly used angles for receding lines are:
  12. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  13. This is a systematic approach that integrates the design and manufacture of products with the goal of…
  14. This type of surface may be a plane, a single curved surface, or a warped surface:
  15. The section view drawing in which one fourth of an object has been marked for removal is known as a…
  16. This is how axonometric, oblique, and perspective sketches show objects:
  17. When filling an area with a hatch pattern in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to be able to ________.
  18. Objects that are symmetric can be shown effectively using this type of section:
  19. The 3-D commands on the Modeling toolbar include ________.
  20. Architectural drawings used to construct a house are often plotted with a scale of ¼ = 1'-0.…
  21. If designs require changes, they should be documented with:
  22. A partial auxiliary view usually shows only features on the ________ of the inclined line and not any…
  23. Most architectural firms and mechanical design companies utilize different categories of blocks. These…
  24. This type of solid is egg-shaped and can be created by revolving an ellipse around one of its axes:
  25. Some of the common terms used to describe technical drawing include:
  26. In order to set drawing limits for a C size architectural drawing the drafter should set the limits…
  27. Switches and relays should be shown in this position with no operating force or applied energy:
  28. The title block used on working drawings should include the __________.
  29. Drafters should use a ________ in a section view of a mechanical part that includes the cylindrical…
  30. These are accurately drawn maps of cities and towns showing property lines and other features that control…