In this type of dimensioning, allowance must be made for bends:

A. Angular

B. Tolerance

C. Datum

D. Sheet metal

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  1. This is the total amount that the feature on the actual part is allowed to vary from what is specified…
  2. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  3. This is used to indicate that a surface is to be machined:
  4. In offset sections, offsets or bends in the cutting plane are all:
  5. Once a drawing is determined to be complete, the title block is used to document the change from:
  6. These are used to attach parts to a cylinder so they won't turn on it:
  7. How can the drafter prevent Auto-CAD from placing or stacking another center mark on a circle when adding…
  8. In some circumstances an entire drawing can be inserted into a different drawing as a block. When this…
  9. Two-point perspective is also known as:
  10. The offset distance for the width (front to back) distance of the auxiliary view is the same distance…
  11. This type of structural steel drawing shows all dimensions necessary for fabrication:
  12. Before starting an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to ________.
  13. This is the measured size of a finished part:
  14. Auto-CAD refers to isometric ellipses as ________.
  15. This type of solid has two bases that are parallel equal polygons:
  16. The maximum and minimum sizes of a feature are identified by a ________ tolerance.
  17. When only a small section of an interior area needs to be revealed the drafter can use a ________ section.
  18. In this type of section, one quarter of the object is removed:
  19. Traditional drafters need to be able to create several different line widths because ________.
  20. These weld symbols have no arrow-side or other-side significance:
  21. This is a flat or rounded tab protruding from a surface, usually to provide a method for attachment:
  22. The foundation contractor will work with the following architectural plans.
  23. In multi-view drawing it is common practice to include three views, the front, the top and the right…
  24. These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
  25. The View toolbar will position the view of the 3-D solid toward the ________.
  26. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:
  27. Baseline dimensions are referenced from a common geometric feature known as a ________.
  28. This is a rounded exterior blend between surfaces:
  29. This type of solid is formed by sweeping a shape along a linear path:
  30. This is a thin solid line directing attention to a note or dimension and starting with an arrowhead…

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