In this type of dimensioning, allowance must be made for bends:

A. Angular

B. Tolerance

C. Datum

D. Sheet metal

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  1. This is a common method for connecting steel members of buildings and bridges:
  2. This allows the performance of structures to be analyzed and tested efficiently, accurately, and quickly:
  3. A ________ section allows the drafter to create a Cutting Plane line which is not in a straight line…
  4. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.
  5. By using a ________ section of a cylindrical mechanical part the drafter should be able to show only…
  6. This is the measured size of a finished part:
  7. This is a systematic approach that integrates the design and manufacture of products with the goal of…
  8. Perspective drawings are classified according to their number of these features:
  9. An accurate record of changes made to release drawings is tracked via this:
  10. Some traditional board drafters preferred the drafting machine over the parallel straight edge because…
  11. The ________ is a standard element of a section view in a technical drawing.
  12. A secondary auxiliary view is a projection off of the ________.
  13. To avoid having to dimension to a hidden feature the drafter can utilize a ________ section.
  14. This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:
  15. Several of the tools used in traditional drafting include the following:
  16. This is a flat or rounded tab protruding from a surface, usually to provide a method for attachment:
  17. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  18. In this type of projection, each of the axes has different ratios of foreshortening:
  19. This allows the designer to conceptualize objects more easily without having to make costly illustrations,…
  20. The View toolbar will position the view of the 3-D solid toward the ________.
  21. In perspective drawings this is placed between the observer and the object:
  22. This material is used in masonry construction, most commonly for ornamental facing:
  23. In order to create an isometric circle to represent a hole through the top surface of a box, the drafter…
  24. The title block used on working drawings should include the __________.
  25. Placement of dimensions on a drawing is controlled by ________.
  26. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements…
  27. In architectural drawing ________ are often used to illustrate and detail structural components.
  28. The edges of a cube in isometric projection make angles of this many degrees with each other:
  29. Given a situation in which the drafter has crossed extension lines in a drawing what can be done to…
  30. A ________ is the person responsible for verifying that the drawings in a project set are free of mistakes.