This type of solid has a polygon for a base and triangular lateral faces that intersect at a vertex:

A. Pyramid

B. Prism

C. Cone

D. Torus

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  1. A civil engineer working on a bridge design would probably rely on his ________ scale for checking printed…
  2. In oblique sketches, the most commonly used angles for receding lines are:
  3. The condition of a part when it contains the least amount of material is referred to as ________.
  4. This type of structural steel drawing shows all dimensions necessary for fabrication:
  5. In order to create one solid model from two or more separate solid shapes the drafter will need to position…
  6. When positioning this feature of perspective projection, the centerline of the cone of visual rays should…
  7. These are lines drawn on a map to locate, in the plan view, points of equal ground elevation:
  8. When using the descriptive geometry method to create an auxiliary view the drafter should __________.
  9. This is how axonometric, oblique, and perspective sketches show objects:
  10. The Offset tool should only be used for placing ________ in an isometric drawing.
  11. These gears transmit power between shafts whose axes intersect at any angle:
  12. When using the direct entry method to create a horizontal line exactly three inches long the drafter…
  13. A partial auxiliary view usually shows only features on the ________ of the inclined line and not any…
  14. This is a conical-shaped recess around a hole, often used to receive a tapered screw head:
  15. Newer versions of Auto-CAD utilize the ________ to make block library management very easy.
  16. When filling an area with a hatch pattern in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to be able to ________.
  17. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  18. The Press-Pull tool will ________ the face of a solid model in the direction it faces.
  19. This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:
  20. These breaks are used to shorten the view of an object:
  21. There are two main types of projection:
  22. In multi-view drawing it is common practice to include three views, the front, the top and the right…
  23. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
  24. Using the Relative Polar Coordinate System to add a 3 inch line that is 45 degrees from the end point…
  25. This is an angled surface used on cylinders to make them easier to handle:
  26. This is a common method for connecting steel members of buildings and bridges:
  27. These drawings are given to contractors to perform work or manufacture individual parts:
  28. In an exploded assembly drawing it is customary for the drafter to use a ________ line to illustrate…
  29. The maximum and minimum sizes of a feature are identified by a ________ tolerance.
  30. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements…