This line pattern is composed of three dashes, one long dash on each end with a short dash in the middle:

A. Object

B. Hidden

C. Center

D. Phantom

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  1. The MASSPROP shortcut will provide the following information.
  2. Welding drawings are a special type of this kind of drawing:
  3. This allows the performance of structures to be analyzed and tested efficiently, accurately, and quickly:
  4. It is customary for the first sheet of a working drawing set to include ________.
  5. In this type of concrete, the steel is pre-tensioned before the superimposed load is applied:
  6. In this type of drawing, vertical pipes may be revolved into the horizontal plane:
  7. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection,…
  8. The Press-Pull tool will ________ the face of a solid model in the direction it faces.
  9. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  10. Most architectural firms and mechanical design companies utilize different categories of blocks. These…
  11. An Auto-CAD term that refers to a pre-drawn object which is stored in a drawing file and can be inserted…
  12. This type of projection is when projectors are parallel to each other, but is at an angle other than…
  13. The primary unit of measurement for engineering drawings and design in the mechanical industries is…
  14. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  15. This type of weld is the most common in structural steel fabrication:
  16. Three dimensional models are often used in the design process to __________.
  17. These drawings are given to contractors to perform work or manufacture individual parts:
  18. The UCS icon represents the intersection of the ________.
  19. When using versions of Auto-CAD prior to Release 2006 it may be necessary to ________ a block in order…
  20. The View toolbar will position the view of the 3-D solid toward the ________.
  21. In an oblique drawing, equally spaced partial circles may be used to show this:
  22. In an assembly section, these parts should have their section lines left out or shown solid black:
  23. The principle views associated with orthographic projection are ________.
  24. These maps are used to plan construction projects that locate construction features so they fit the…
  25. These are special installations of stone or concrete marking the locations of points accurately determined…
  26. In order to create an accurate assembly drawing the drafter should create the ________ drawings first.
  27. If a plane is parallel to the plane of projection, it appears:
  28. CAD programs which incorporate parametric modeling utilize a system in which the dimensions control…
  29. Students can complete an associate's degree in drafting which normally takes about ________ years to…
  30. These weld symbols have no arrow-side or other-side significance: