A company spends considerable amount on publicity to promote sales. This expenditure in break even chart is shown below the

A. Fixed cost line

B. Variable cost line

C. Total cost line

D. Sales revenue line

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  1. The wastage of material in the store is taken into account by the following method in the evaluation…
  2. In CPM, the cost slope is determined by
  3. The simplex method is the basic method for
  4. Military organisation is known as
  5. Process layout is also known as
  6. In order to avoid excessive multiplication of facilities, the layout preferred is
  7. Dispatching
  8. Work study is done with the help of
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  16. When slack of an activity is positive
  17. Graphical method, simplex method, and transportation method are concerned with
  18. Frederick W. Taylor introduced a system of working known as
  19. Material handling and plant location is analysed by
  20. Scheduling gives information about
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  22. The essential condition for the decompression of an activity is that
  23. Standard time is equal to
  24. The probability distribution of activity times in PERT follows following distribution
  25. O on a PERT/CPM chart represents
  26. In steel plant the most important system for materials handling is
  27. Which of the following organisation is preferred in automobile industry?
  28. Scheduling
  29. Breakeven analysis consists of
  30. Gantt chart is used for