The wastage of material in the store is taken into account by the following method in the evaluation of the material issued from the store

A. Inflated system

B. Primary cost method

C. Current value method

D. Fixed price method

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  1. Indirect expenses include
  2. The process capability of a machine is defined as the capability of the machine to
  3. The important file in making a PERT is
  4. Which of the following statement is correct about the network diagram?
  5. Which of the following organisations is best suited for steel plants
  6. Time study is carried out to determine the time required to complete job by
  7. Scheduling gives information about
  8. Military type of organisation is known as
  9. The factors to be considered for production scheduling are
  10. Gantt charts are used for
  11. Breakeven analysis is a
  12. The interchangeability can be achieved by
  13. Military organisation is known as
  14. The appellate authority for an industrial dispute is
  15. Travel charts provide
  16. Inventory control in production, planning and control aims at
  17. Pick up the incorrect statement about advantages of work sampling
  18. The bonus increases in proportion to the increase in efficiency. This statement applies to
  19. The determination of standard time in a complex job system is best done through
  20. The salient feature of functional organisation is
  21. The unit cost in case of batch production is ________ as compared to jobbing production.
  22. The time of completing a project in network analysis is given by following time of the critical activity…
  23. According to Muther, the basic principle of best layout is
  24. If (R) is the base rate guaranteed per hour, (S) is the standard time for the job and (T) is the actual…
  25. If TL is the largest allowable event occurrence time, total activity slack (s) is equal to
  26. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…
  27. The disadvantage of product layout is
  28. Process layout is employed for
  29. The first method invented for planning projects was
  30. Which of the following are the guidelines for the construction of a network diagram?