The interchangeability can be achieved by

A. Standardisation

B. Better process planning

C. Bonus plan

D. Better product planning

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  1. Job enrichment technique is applied to
  2. Works cost implies
  3. String diagram is used
  4. Both Rowan plan and 50-50 Halsey plan will provide the same earning when the actual time is _________…
  5. Linear programming can be applied successfully to
  6. In perpetual inventory control, the material is checked as it reaches its
  7. Two alternatives can produce a product. First have a fixed cost of Rs. 2000 and a variable cost of Rs.…
  8. The assumption in PERT is
  9. The type of organisation preferred for an automobile industry, is
  10. One time measurement unit (TMU) in method time measurement system equals
  11. Break-even analysis can be used for
  12. Standing orders which are statutory are applicable to
  13. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following
  14. Critical path method
  15. Standard time is defined as
  16. In jobbing production
  17. In order to avoid excessive multiplication of facilities, the layout preferred is
  18. The amount deducted from the salary of workers towards employees provident fund is
  19. Pick up the correct statement about relationship between various floats
  20. The main disadvantage of line organisation is
  21. The most important objective behind plant layout is
  22. According to Muther, the basic principle of best layout is
  23. Time study is
  24. Which of the following layouts is suited to job production?
  25. The type of layout used for manufacturing steam turbines, is
  26. Product layout is used for
  27. Routing is essential in the following type of industry
  28. The basic difference between PERT and CPM is that
  29. In Halsey 50-50 plan, output standards are established
  30. The standard time for a job is