In a line organisation

A. Responsibility of each individual is fixed

B. Discipline is strong

C. Quick decisions are taken

D. All of these

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  1. The unit cost in case of batch production is ________ as compared to jobbing production.
  2. Micro-motion study is
  3. Abbreviated work factor data is applied for
  4. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  5. M.T.M. is used to
  6. Routing prescribes the
  7. Valve analysis is particularly of interest when
  8. Which of the following statement is correct?
  9. The difference between the time available to do the job and the time required to do the job, is known…
  10. The disadvantage of product layout is
  11. In A-B-C analysis, which class of items are generally large in number?
  12. Pick up the incorrect statement about advantages of work sampling
  13. Pick up the correct step used for scheduling a project by C.P.M.
  14. O on a PERT/CPM chart represents
  15. Father of time study was
  16. Product layout is used for
  17. If (R) is the base rate guaranteed per hour, (S) is the standard time for the job and (T) is the actual…
  18. In Emerson's efficiency plan of wage incentive system, bonus is paid to a worker
  19. The basic difference between PERT and CPM is that
  20. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known…
  21. The critical activity has
  22. In CPM, the cost slope is determined by
  23. The factors to be considered for production scheduling are
  24. Which of the following incentive plans ensures a part of the swing to the worker and rest to the employer?
  25. Current assets include
  26. The technique of value analysis can be applied to
  27. Process layout is employed
  28. Dummy activities are used to
  29. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan?
  30. A big advantage of PERT over Gantt charts is that in the former case