The time taken by a trained worker to perform an operation, while working a steady pace, is known as

A. Standard time

B. Normal time

C. Representative time

D. None of these

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  1. Time study is used to
  2. Which of the following statement is correct?
  3. Work study involves
  4. The process layout is best suited where
  5. A diagram showing the path followed by men and materials while performing a task is known as
  6. Breakeven analysis is a
  7. The main object of scientific layout is
  8. Process layout is employed for
  9. In the Emerson efficiency plan, a worker receives only his daily wage and no bonus is paid till his…
  10. The type of organisation preferred for a steel industry, is
  11. Choose the wrong statement. Motion study is used for
  12. Motion study involves analysis of
  13. Which one of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of work and machine…
  14. A critical activity has
  15. A feasible solution to the linear programming problem should
  16. In Halsey 50-50 plan, output standards are established
  17. An activity of the project is graphically represented by ________ on the network diagram.
  18. The average time recorded by work study man for an operation is called
  19. In a functional organisation
  20. Which of the following are the guidelines for the construction of a network diagram?
  21. Standard time as compared to normal time is
  22. Emergency rush order can be pushed more effectively in
  23. Critical Path Net Work helps an engineer
  24. In A-B-C analysis, which class of items are generally large in number?
  25. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  26. Critical path moves along the activities having total float of
  27. In value engineering, important consideration is given to
  28. Gantt charts are used for
  29. In process layout
  30. The time by which the activity completion time can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding…